Magic happens when the core differentiators of a company align with both their internal and external messaging.

But what does this really mean? Better yet, what does this look like?

I recently had someone ask me why I like Disney World so much. I take my family every year and even dream about it in-between trips. It’s not the first time my fascination with the place has been questioned, so I’ve considered it often. The answer is almost too simple – the immersive experience is captivating and speaks well to the brilliance of their holistic vision.

Every detail of the client’s interaction is considered. Imagination has met creative engineering in awe-inspiring ways and down to the last possible detail. If you are waiting in line for a ride where you are meant to feel like you are near an ocean – you smell the ocean, hear the seagulls and waves, see sculptures and landscapes that are meant to make you feel like you are walking on the sands until you are submersed into the sea. And even though the ride may only be 30 seconds long, your experience begins before you take a seat. It begins before you even enter the parks. It begins the moment you first interact with the company.

Every detail of the client’s interaction is considered.

Why? Because a client-centric mentality is deeply ingrained into the very fabric of Disney.

They make each and every client interaction uniquely theirs as it aligns to their core messaging. Their brand is identified. Their vision is so meditated upon that they have a clear process to make it happen. They know their strengths and how those strengths make them unique. They know how to, and the value of, bringing that message to their market. And they can execute.

Another example of how they bring their uniqueness to every interaction is that employees are not employees. They are called Cast Members. They don’t say, “Have a great day!” They say, “Have a magical day!” And they mean it. Becoming a Disney employee is not a walk in the park. It’s intensive and deliberate.

Every moment of your experience is considered and in alignment. How you hear about them. How you buy the park tickets. How you book resort stays. The resort themes. The bag tags and easy access wristbands sent to you in advance to excite you for your trip. The same single wristband that allows you access to your resort room, transportation, your credit card, access to the park, your quick line passes, and your pre-paid meals. The convenient transportation. The tiers of cost to accommodate all types of families and needs. The systematic wait lines with no extra fees. The very color and make-up of the concrete to produce the best pictures for memories long after the trip…  

Bottom line, it is one of the (if not THE) best client engagement journeys I have ever experienced.

While Disney is an empire with massive amounts of resources, their dedication serves as a great example of what it means to align vision and message – and what it means to execute with a client-centric methodology. What does this extensive value driven experience bring back to the company? Value = Profit. They are the most expensive amusement park tickets in the world that people willingly pay en masse. When was the last time you lost a client because of price? Was it really because of price?

If you’re wanting to restructure your messaging, and the ways in which you connect and engage with your clients, Wild Lark Strategies can help bring action to your vision. We work with companies of all sizes and tenure, and we can dig deep into a company wide culture change or simply offer the supporting copy to bring your changes to life.

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