Wild Lark Strategies

With a passion for the written word coinciding with an enthusiasm for communal success, Wild Lark Strategies’ creation was inspired to bring unity within organizations and a cohesive brand message for a powerful impact among targeted audiences.

By working with businesses to reassess their processes using modern tools with client-focused methodologies, we’re here to reignite the faith in the sales and marketing worlds.

Its Creator

Having operated in sales for over a decade, Brianne van Reenen has seen organizations have great ideas that are unable to be fully brought to life due to a disconnect between the top visionaries and those tasked to see it through.

Currently serving as the VP Chair of Communications for the Microsoft Dynamics Channel Marketing Alliance, Brianne knows the power of a like-minded community.

Brianne is also an aspiring author who lives in a garden home with 16 other feet/paws in blustery West Texas.