Wild Lark Strategies

Combining a passion for storytelling and an enthusiasm for building communities, Wild Lark Strategies inspires to bring unity within organizations through cohesive brand messaging – empowering companies to have an inspiring impact within their market space.

By helping businesses rebuild their processes into client-focused methodologies, Wild Lark Strategies looks to reignite the collective trust in the sales and marketing worlds.

Its Creator

Brianne van Reenen, the creator of Wild Lark Strategies, has operated in sales and marketing for nearly 15 years. Having been a marketing executive who built marketing departments from the ground up, Brianne knows the power of brands and has a passion for building like-minded communities.

  • Loves to travel – be it by train, plane, words, or flue
  • Has been a voice for the underdog since watching Newsies in 1992
  • Authenticity or bust
  • Firmly believes a good scotch is a peaty scotch

Her next endeavor includes opening a bookshop which offers accessible publication options for aspiring authors.